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Cocoral dive center

Your unforgettable diving experience in Maratua begins with Cocoral, perfectly located encircling a massive lagoon in the third highest level of marine biodiversity. To ensure your safety and comfort, you will receive professional, friendly and professional services.

Located in Arasatu Villas & Sanctuary Maratua Island, East Kalimantan. Operated under supervision of The Balgany Group Indonesia and certified by PADI, Cocoral dive center invites divers of all levels of experience, and snorkelers to delve into the deep blue and beyond.

Maratua Atoll is a large tropical Island encircling a massive lagoon, sheer rocky wall and coral reefs, the lagoon fills and drains through a single channel creating a very strong tidal flows that exhibits an abundance of magnificent marine life that features many rare types of underwater creatures, and is a home to one of the largest green turtle nesting sites in Indonesia. Over 20 diving spots across the island makes Maratua the jumping off point for divers to explore some of the richest and most unique dive paradise in the world.

Snorkeling Trip Packages

  • Kakaban
  • Kehe Daing
  • Sangalaki
  • Derawan Island

Rp 9.000.000,-

09:00 - 13:00

± 4 Hours

  • Round-trip

  • Guide Included

  • *Terms and Conditions apply

  • Whale Shark (Talisayan)
  • Labuan Cermin
  • Spongebob Island (Manimbora)

Rp 18.500.000,-

05:00 - 11:00

± 6 Hours


Rp 3.500.000,-

09:00 - 16:00

± 7 Hours

Diving Packages

Maratua Island
  • Batu Selatan
  • Coral Garden*
  • Tanjung Keramat
  • Turtle Traffic*
  • South Face*
  • Gusung Pal
  • Maratua Reef*
  • Cabbage Coral
  • Sponge Reef
  • Mid Reef*
  • Jetty Point
  • Last Sand
  • Fusiliar Paradise*
  • Hangging Garden
  • Eel Garden
  • Fantasy Wall*
  • CCM Paradise
  • Light House*
  • Gorgonzola*

Rp 1.650.000,-

  • Round-trip

  • Diving equipment included

  • Maximum 3 spots

  • Room with 3 meals plan, there is no need to add for lunch. We will prepare your lunch and coffee break using lunch box.

  • *Terms and Conditions apply

  • East Wall
  • The Channel*

Rp 2.500.000,-

Kakaban Island
  • Drop Off*
  • Kelapa Dua*
  • Barracuda Point*
  • Tuna Point*
  • Jetty Point*
Sangalaki Island
  • Manta Run*
  • Manta Parade*
  • Manta Cleaning Station*
  • Cabbage Coral*
  • Coral Garden*

Rp 2.800.000,-

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