by the sea

Maratua Island

Samamea Restaurant and bar

Surrounded by the Celebes Sea, Samamea restaurant & bar serves the freshest cuisines and provide you with the finest dining experience that amuses all your senses, with breathtaking views and entertainment as complimentary.

A celebration between culinary traditions and freshest ingredients, our restaurant serves cuisines influenced by the diverse flavours both locally and globally.

Enjoy the most unique dining journey and diverse culinary adventures with unparalleled seaview and elevated sunny spirit of a day by the sea, Samamea is the perfect place to spend the entire day soaking in the sun and stargazing. A sea-side restaurant and bar perched on the Celebes Sea, you could enjoy yourself from a calming start to the day, a laid-back afternoon sun-basking session, to sipping on cocktails specially curated by our bartenders while waiting for your freshest seafood cuisines to be prepared.

Samamea welcomes everyone in Maratua to experience these out of the world dining journey and adventure.

Maratua Island
Maratua Island


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